Insightful Solutions


The more successful you are, the more pieces there are to your financial picture. What we do for you evolves as you and your life evolve. But the underlying structure and support you receive remains constant. That’s real wealth management.

RiverStone was founded on the vision of delivering insightful solutions. Whether we are guiding you through today’s complex financial markets; developing sophisticated financial plans; or building lasting relationships with the executives, individuals, and families we serve, our team aspires to live up to the meaning of our name and plan for your success—every step of the way.

Wealth Planning

At RiverStone, we put our name into practice with an approach to wealth planning and portfolio strategy centered on guiding your path to financial security. True wealth management involves investment consulting and advanced planning.


This orderly progression of meetings allows us to learn about you personally, professionally and financially. We assess your current situation, make recommendations for moving forward; and explain our strategic, disciplined and consistent approach to the investment process all during our Insightful Solutions Process.


1. Discovery Meeting. At our initial meeting, we conduct a discovery interview. This helps us identify the challenges you face in achieving all that is important to you. We examine your current situation, the goals you would like to achieve and how we can maximize the possibility of achieving those goals.

2. Strategy Meeting. At this meeting, we present our diagnostic of your current situation and our recommendations for how we can bridge the gaps in order for you to reach your goals. This plan forms the foundation for all of our work together.

3. Implementation Meeting. At this meeting, we are ready to make a mutual decision about whether our firm can add substantial value and whether we should proceed. Should we both choose to work together, we commit to each other to work toward achieving everything that is important to you and your family. We also execute the documents necessary to put your investment plan into motion.

4. Advanced Plan Meeting. When you have multiple investment accounts, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork you receive. At this meeting, we help you organize all that paperwork in a notebook that we provide. We also answer any questions you may have so that you understand exactly what is happening with your money.

5. Regular Progress Meetings. These meetings, which we schedule at intervals convenient to you, provide us an opportunity to review any major changes in your personal or financial situation since our last meeting. If these changes mean that we need to make adjustments to your investment plan, we do so. We also review your overall progress toward your long-term financial goals. This meeting is also our opportunity to implement advanced planning recommendations that may be appropriate for your situation. We will present to you our advanced plan at our first Regular Progress meeting so that we can prioritize those areas of greatest importance to you and then begin to address them systematically.